Zakynthos - Zakynthos Island Villas Alegria in Vassilikos


It is no coincidence that Zakynthos-Zante is named «FIore di Levande» or «Eastern Flower» as the island is one massive garden. A paradise of flowers in all colors imaginable. Famous Greek poets such as Hugo Foskolo, Andreas Kalvos and the National Poets of Greece, Dionisis Solomou were inspired here to express their poetry on Freedom and Love.

The island has a great history of culture which is seen everywhere. Historical and archaeological sites, monasteries, churches and traditional Zakynthian music can be found in every corner. It is also famous for its high-quality olive oil, wine, (Zakynthian «Verdea»), the wine of the Gods, it’s cheese, honey, and bread. The beauty of Zakynthos-Zante does not end here. In the North-West part of the island which is a kind of wild beauty and Rocky and a beautiful emerald green sea you.

Will come to the famous «Navagio» (Shipwreck)-» something you simply cannot miss. On the Western side of Zakynthos-Zante, famous for its unique sunset which you can enjoy from the mystic caves at Keri village and then end your day with a romantic meal at Kampi village.

During your vacation, you should not miss a visit to the other side of the bay at Lagana at Keri beach where a small boat will take you to «Marathonisi» (Turtle island) where the Turtles lay their eggs and the «Monachos Monachos seals.

Last, but not least, a leisurely walk in the city of Zakynthos-Zante where you can visit the museums and the church of St. Denise who is the patron saint and St. Marks square where there is a Catholic Cathedral which was built in 1518. Also a walk to the district of Bochali where you can have a panoramic view of the Island.

Whether you wish to relax, have a fun time, enjoy sightseeing or to have the company of hospitable Zakynthians, «Alegria Villas» is a perfect choice!

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